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Author/Activist Marc Adams Releases New Book

Seattle WA – Window Books is pleased to announce the April 11, 2005, release of Marc Adams’ seventh book, (lost)Found.

Marc Adams earned critical acclaim with his first gay-themed book, The Preacher’s Son, released in 1996. TPS is Adams’ autobiography sharing his life experiences from age three to twenty-three. He grew up gay, the son of a fundamentalist Baptist minister and struggled throughout his adolescence with thoughts of suicide. Fueled by persecution at his religious high school, Adams writes that he believed ‘the only way he could live, was to die.’

Adams went on to attend and work for Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University in his quest to become an exgay. After years of exgay counseling, Adams finally began his journey to self acceptance and his journey out of fundamentalist Baptist Christianity. In doing so, he began to record what has become the Lambda Literary Award finalist (www.lambdaliterary.org) and Silver Pen Award winning book, The Preacher’s Son.

Since The Preacher’s Son, Adams has authored five poetry books; LoveLife (released as a companion book to (lost)Found), Light, Still Water, These Days and Two Worlds (co-authored with Rod Gambassi). He has also co-authored Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing with the Religious Right with Todd Tuttle. All published by Window Books.

(lost)Found is not just a follow-up to The Preacher’s Son. Adams insists it reveals a continuation of his life’s journey.

He writes in the foreword of (lost)Found, “Over the course of the past years, I have met countless men and women who have asked for more. I searched through the 250 pages I edited out of The Preacher’s Son and my poetry to look for what else I could share and tried to recall the new parts of my life I could bare to the world.’

‘When I sat down to being sharing about the love in my life it was difficult to know where to start. After getting a poem from a boyfriend thousands of miles from me, I realized exactly what it was that I would write about and how I would do it. This book is the result of that poem and a result of a few other significant persons in my life that I have loved and who have loved me.’

‘For some, this book will provide fodder for criticism and judgment as I discovered with each of my previous books. I am so beyond doing things to please other people at this point in my life that I decided that I didn’t even need to try with these pages. I chose to make everything about this book unconventional.’

Individuals can order (lost)Found at www.meetmarcadams.com.

Marc Adams is also available for interviews. To schedule interviews please email press@meetmarcadams.com


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